About me

I am a software engineer of 8+ years with a passion for building applications and systems from tip to tail. I started my career writing object-oriented PHP for 4 years to support several large CMS and Salesforce-like applications in a LAMP environment. I then switched my focus to JavaScript when I discovered Node.js and was able to maneuver myself into a position to write Node full-time. I never was a fan of front-end JavaScript code…browser idiosyncrasies frustrated me to no end and all front-end “applications” I had been exposed to were a mess of spaghetti code. This started changed as CommonJS became more common on the front-end with tools like Browserify and Webpack. I finally had the lightbulb moment and was able to write re-usable, modular front-end code. I didn’t fall in love with front-end until React came on the scene. For the past several years I can say that I truly love being a full-stack JavaScript engineer.


UNCW logo

University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

I spent my college years in the small beach and college town of Wilmington, NC. I loved the town as the laid-back beach mindset really meshed well with my personality. It also has a great historic downtown with some awesome restaurants and bars. I would probably still be living there if there were any sort of technology scene.

Wrightsville Beach South End
Wrightsville Beach South End


I’ve had an interesting combination of professional gigs, moving from a fast-paced company with a pseudo-startup mentality to working for a Fortune 50 corporation. The experiences have truly been as different as night & day. For more details, feel free to take a look at my resume, otherwise I’ve spent the past decade or so paying the bills at the following companies:

Bank of America logo

2016 - Current: Bank of America

No Introduction needed for this financial institution that is a household name world-wide. I’ve been lucky to have ended up leading a team on a project that has been both challenging and a good fit for my interests and skillset. Our team of 8 engineers builds developer tools to support the development of our consumer facing web applications, both marketing and customer account management portals. We build our own home-grown CI tooling for performing application builds, deploys, repo-management and maintenance, SEO optimization, and automated page testing. We aren’t doing integrations, but building actual CI applications from UI to job workers, which is a ton of fun. We are also building out REST and GraphQL APIs for retrieving content from both the client and server-side rendered applications that have to handle insane scale that is beyond what I have ever had to deal with before.

Red Ventures Logo

2009 - 2016: Red Ventures

Red Ventures is a marketing and “customer acquisition” company located in Charlotte, NC (actually, the offices are now right over the state border in Indian Land, SC). They focus heavily on trying to create a start-up, west-coast type of culture with all the bells and whistles including cool amenities (bowling alley, basketball court, pool tables, etc.) and have an amazing campus. I ended up wearing many hats over my time at Red Ventures and developed most of my professional skills here, both technical and leadership related. If you are looking for a cool, “Google of the east coast” feel from an employer, I would recommend taking a look at Red Ventures. It is very fast paced, sometimes to the detriment of the code, but they have some of the smartest and friendly engineers around and are now focused on migrating to newer technologies. As I previously mentioned, I played a lot of different roles here, starting as a junior developer writing PHP and working on projects that included things like business analytics, partner API integrations, adding features to a proprietary sales platform for phone sales. I gradually moved up to leading small teams of engineers supporting large business partners in the security and telco partners as well as working on some cool projects like a customer engagement chat application (along with the chat agent interface) using NodeJS and React/Redux (there was some Angular in there as well, but I try to forget that as much as possible).


US National Whitewater Center
US National Whitewater Center

Aside from a love of technology, I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoy taking advantage of the trails of Crowder’s Mountain and the US National Whitewater center that are located nearby my house.

Renny Disc Golf Hole 18
Rennaissance Disc Golf Course

If you don’t find me on the trail, I’ll most likely be at one of Charlotte’s many disc golf courses trying to stay out of the trees and in the fairways. I am also a gear junkie when it comes to both the outdoors and disc golf. I have a collection of over 100 discs including quite a few rare and collectible USDGC Innova Rocs.